Arthur Adans Band
Stomp the Floor
  1. Stomp The Floor
  2. You Can't Win For Losing
  3. Don't Let The Door Hit You
  4. I Know What You Mean
  5. So Sweet
  6. You Got The Right
  7. Callin' Heaven
  8. Nature Of The Beast
  9. Thrive On You Vibe
  10. You Are Invited
  11. Around The Sun
  12. Blue Roots
Soul of the Blues
  1. Twenty Years Gone
  2. Good Night in the City
  3. Soul of the Blues
  4. Gonna Catch You Tonight
  5. Lovin You Big Time
  6. If I Did Not Have You
  7. Thank You Pretty Baby
  8. You Help My Soul
  9. Thumbs Up
  10. Look for Me
  11. I like the Party Life
Back on Track
  1. Get You Next to Me
  2. Who Does She Think She Is
  3. Long Haul
  4. No Big Deal
  5. Jumpin' the Gun
  6. You Really Got it Going On
  7. Good, Good, Good
  8. Rehabilitation Song
  9. Honda Betty
  10. Backup Man
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